Not everyday is a sunny day!

Everyone of us know that ‘not every day is a sunny day’, but most of us , especially when we have been having a good spell, tend to forget this. We tend to live as though the good time will continue to roll on and on and on for us. We choose to ignore the reality of things. But the rain will surely fall on your parade.

We bring this delusion upon ourselves, we make ourselves believe that the prosperous life, the wonderful love life, the pleasant working life, the happy family atmosphere, the enjoyable friendships we are having, celebrating and enjoying now will never end.

Deep inside us we know this is not true, that sometime in the future all these will come to a stop. It would be good if we could remind ourselves of this unchangeable truth and prevent ourselves from going overboard in our celebration.

Let us take cognizance of this truth and remind ourselves that we will have our share of lean years, there will be ups and downs in our love lives, unpleasant people/events will intrude into our working lives, there will be turmoil/disruptions in our family lives and some of our friendships will turn sour. Facing this truth and preparing to accept the consequences of the changes that will surely come will save us heartaches and bitter disappointments.

Enjoy by all means when things are going our way but apply a bit of restraint. Moderation is the key.

Alice Walker says:

Expect nothing, live frugally on surprise.

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