Sad Facts those suffering from Brittle Bones has to Bear! But there is Good News!

Osteoporosis ,the debilitating brittle bone disease affects half of the woman population  and a fifth of all men over 50 years old in the UK alone. Worldwide, the figure can be staggering.   The report by scientists in  the University of Sheffield says a 100,000 people die each month because they are not diagnosed and treated early enough. People afflicted with the disease encounter loss in the quality of their lives.

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What are the disadvantages of having brittle bones? The most obvious are:-

* bending down to lift a package or coughing can fracture a rib

* shrink in height as they get older

* end up in a hunched position  that impairs breathing, hampers digestion because of a protruding stomach and results in difficulty finding suitable clothes to wear

* bones in the hips and wrists are likely to break after a minor accident

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But there is good news! The good news is that if osteoporosis, and better still, osteopenia, is diagnosed early there are plenty of medications that your doctor can prescribe to increase your bone strength and prevent future fractures.

* The drug will often be a relatively inexpensive bisphosphonate.

* There’s even a bone-building option that’s a once-a-year injection.

* Take enough calcium and vitamin D in your diet with plenty of fatty fish and dairy products.

* Exercise.  An exercise routine that improves posture and strengthens back muscles can go a long way to preventing a fracture, too. The routine recommended is…

# Stand up straight – good posture protects the spine.

# Do exercises that strengthen the abdominal muscles. They will protect the back, too.

# An hour’s walk three times ­a week helps to stave off ­brittle bones.


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