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“Perpetual Kindness “

Tolstoy once said, “Nothing can make our lives,  or the lives of other people, more beautiful than perpetual kindness .”   To be kind alone it already a difficult task, what more to maintain perpetual kindness! It seems to me to be a daunting task.  Is it possible for us to be perpetually kind?

But Tolstoy was also a mortal, like us. So how did he manage to maintain his perpetual kindness? Was his kindness a feeling or was it an action? How was he able to prevent the persistent, conflicting emotions derailing him from his path of perpetual kindness?

Would he have given us a pass, or would he have failed us if we were kind than unkind most of the time?

Tolstoy, a perpetual teacher that he was, was he telling us to be aware of our responsibility? Was he teaching us values here? Was he telling us to moderate our behavior? A master observer of human nature that he was, was he telling us that to be kind or unkind is a choice we can make?

All religions instruct us to develop kindness, to be kind to ourselves and to extend kindness to others.

Does anyone has any idea how to develop “perpetual kindness”? The world is in dire need of it!

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