Gallstones removal the natural way -a proven method!


Each one of us has gallstones inside us, but most of them are too insignificant to cause much discomfort. But for those who have suffered from the pain these gallstones can cause, it is no laughing matter.

I have a friend who, about three weeks ago, felt some pain in the abdomen area. Initially he thought he had gastritis. He went to a few general practitioners, they also diagnosed it as gastritis and prescribed painkillers and gastritis medicine. But the pain did not subside, instead it got worse. He had no choice but had to go and  consult a specialist. The specialist confirmed he had gallstones and recommended surgery. He asked to be referred to General Hospital but the hospital could not carry out the operation till the 26th of this month. It looked like he had to endure the pain till then. But fortunately his nieces searched the web and came up with treatment to remove the gallstones naturally.

My friend followed the regime to the ‘T’ and to his surprise and great relief, the gallstones passed out naturally at the end of the regime.

This is not a hoax, the treatment works, so we are putting out the whole regime below for those in need and in pain. For those who have family members and friends suffering from gallstones, please pass this to them. It is very natural. It is inexpensive. More importantly it works!!!


The Regime:

  • Drink 1 glass (250 ml) 100% apple juice 4 times a day for 5 days. One glass at breakfast, 1 glass at lunch, 1 glass at dinner and 1 glass before going to bed. This softens the gallstones. Eat normally.
  • On the 6th. day, skip dinner. At 6pm. take a teaspoon of Epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) with a glass of warm water
  • On the same day, at 8pm., repeat the same for purging purpose. It helps to flush out all solid stuff. It also opens the gallbladder ducts.
  • Later that evening, at 10pm., drink half a glass of olive oil mixed with half glass of lemon juice. The oil lubricates the stones to ease their passage. Lemon juice helps to extract the stones out from gallbladder ducts. Soon you will purge again. This time you can find greenish stuff floating in your toilet bowl, that is if you have gallstones.

1 cup = 250ml, 1/2 cup lemon juice = 3 lemons (approx).

It is good to include apple juice as one of our daily drinks. Hope many can be cured by this natural, inexpensive and easily applied method.

Come visit again. Thank you.

Since this post was published, a thousand people had read the article but none has posted any comment on the effectiveness of the regime or otherwise. None has told us if it has been tried and if it has brought cure or not.

If any one has tried the remedy and it has work, I think it would be good if a comment could be posted here so that more people will have the confidence to use the remedy to cure themselves.

Additional information:- My friend laid off the remedy for three years, the stones returned. He repeated the remedy and the stones were dislodged. So the remedy needs to be repeated on a regular basis.

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122 thoughts on “Gallstones removal the natural way -a proven method!

  1. Kellene says:

    A woman I know was diagnosed with gallstones and given the option of having her gallbladder removed. After visiting with a naturopath, she was put on a steady diet of fresh lemon juice each morning for the next while. She followed it religiously and her gallstones went away. That’s a true testament to the power of lemon juice! You might be fascinated about some of the other ways it can be used in daily life.

    Hope the remedies are able to help others.

  2. Richard says:

    I have used this method on a couple of occasions although I had no confirmed diagnosis of gallstones. I was however experiencing worsening digestive problems including excessive acid reflux (indigestion) in particular after eating fatty foods. Having suffered from Hepatitis A some years previously and being aware of the fact that both my father and grandfather had gallstones, I reasoned this was in some way connected to my liver. Rightly or wrongly I wondered whether there might be a connection to the gall bladder and decided to give it a go. The results were excellent and I naturally passed dozens of gallstones on the first go. The symptoms returned about 6 months later and I repeated the treatment again passing dozens more stones. After that I have been completely well for several years. I have done a “flush” on one other occasion for maintenance reasons about 3 years ago. I am just doing another routine flush now. Drinking 2lt Apple Juice per day isn’t all that pleasant and nor is the final stage but the results are worth it

  3. LSoo says:

    Thank you. I’m going to give it a go and then comment after…

  4. dasha says:

    I’m being tested for gallstones Thursday, as I’ve had pain in the middle adomen and shooting around my side and shoulder. I had a stomach virus 3 weeks ago and my stomach has been playing up. Yogurt triggered off an attack on the weekend which was very painful. will try some natural remedies starting today. will update if I get some releif.

  5. b r korti says:

    i have gall stones from last 3months at present i am under hurbal treatment after reading ur article i am takingllass of apple juice still there r few gall stones pl advice me thanq

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      I got this remedy from a friend who had tried it and found that it works. But his advice is to follow the remedy to the ‘T” if effectiveness is sought. Hope you stick strictly to all the steps in the regimen.

  6. thank you i try this treatment and ill comment share this to my friends if i get well …….

  7. Adnan HANIF says:

    Last week my sister was engaged in this deceased and call me and ask is there any option to remove naturally. So i searched and prefer to do this and today is the last day of her treatment. Lets see what happen. Allah bless her a lot and wish that its remove naturally by the help of Almighty ALLAH. I will comments when something happen.

  8. S. Panneerselvam says:

    Thankq. Kindly let me know the apple juice 4 times a day for 5 days with or without break-fast, lunch and dinner. Kindly clarify.

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      The apple juice is to be taken continuously for 5 days without a break. Once at breakfast, once at lunch, once at dinner and the last one at bedtime.

  9. Mandy says:

    Hi , I have been diagnosed with some critical gallstone and have to have it removed asap. My mom sent me this and i am going to give it a try from tomorrow. i hope it works, will let yall know.

  10. John says:

    i tried this method 1 year ago and its work 100%, i saw a yelow-green stone in the toilet bowl… i will do this again this coming week to totally flush it all… thanks and have a blessed day to all!

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Thanks John for the feedback. Glad it works for you/.Your feedback will give others confidence to try the remedy.

  11. tessa says:

    its worked!

  12. Alex says:

    This works great. I have done it many times.

  13. Alex says:

    I want to again comment that this is effective. I will add that this process not only cleans the gall bladder but also cleans the liver. As many have noted, it is a cleansing that can be done once a month, but not more frequently, for several months, for the best results. When the material is forced out of the gall bladder and liver and into the colon, it is “discharged toxins/waste” and so that is why the laxative is a part of the process (some use a water enema). This waste can cause an uneasy feeling or even a temporary sick feeling, but that is normal because your body just wants it to next be removed from the colon by a movement. Somehow the colon must be cleansed after the flush. It’s all good. On the “6th day” in addition to skipping dinner, earlier in the day you should “eat very light.” Just a little steamed vegetables or a small portion of steamed rice. Before this cleanse (as the article says) you are trying to evacuate your intestines to a great degree. Eat very light. No fat. I just eat light for a SEVERAL days before, with small portions of steamed vegetables and steamed rice only and lots of bottled water.

  14. Ray Koh says:

    Can I know whether the apple juice must be freshly extracted or we use the one we buy from the Supermarket?
    Ray Koh

  15. Irfan Motiwala says:

    Was overjoyed after hearing that gallstones can be removed naturally.. On Monday I went through Hell.. My abdomen was paining very badly after taking several painkillers there was a little relief .. Doctor advice for Sonography which detect gallstone & inflammation.. I was given high power antibiotics and feeling better and now the doctor advising me to go for surgery .. But first I will try this method at home .. Lets see

  16. John says:

    Does it matter if i only had one glass of apple juice and ate one apple a day for five days?

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Can’t really answer you on that. My friend found it to be effective but he followed the steps to the ‘T’.

  17. Noel Sidlacan says:

    I had done it already last summer of 2008 and Ola after one of my friend informed me of the instructions and ola , my problem was solve …

  18. Ann says:

    I dislike apple juice, but drank it as the directions suggested. the epsom salt and water was really hard to get down the first time and even harder to get down the second time, but the oil and lemon was so bad it took me almost 30 minutes to get it down. the next day, i passed a few small stones, but i have had MRIs and I know there are 1000s of stones in there. my doctor wants my gall bladder removed. i was hoping this would do the trick, but i am still having episodes and all my other symptoms as well.

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Ann, thanks for the feedback. Sorry to know your symptoms and episodes are all still there.Do you intend to try a few more times the remedy?

  19. mel says:

    i have not been diagnosed with galsotnes but experience some pain on my lower right. can i still try this remedy?

  20. mel says:

    can i use regular grocey strore processed apple juice, or must it be organic?

  21. mel says:

    i have not been diagnosed with galstones but experience some pain on my lower right.
    can i still try this remedy?

    can i use regular grocey strore processed apple juice, or must it be organic?

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Someone has earlier posted the same question and he was told regular apple juice could be used. So, i suppose the organic variety could also be used.

  22. Gina says:

    i have gallbladder stones. And i don’t like operation . I will try.It’s my six days drinking apple juice now. If it is effective to me. I will post .

  23. Ayesha Rahman says:

    Ultrasonograph report shown 14 mm stone in my gall bladder, is it possible to remove by natural treatment. Please let me know in details

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      I’m sorry I can’t provide you with the info. you require. I am not a medical practitioner nor do I suffer from gall bladder. If any one who is reading this and can help Ayesha, please do so.

  24. I really speculate how come you named this specific article, “Gallstones
    removal the natural way -a proven method! | Serendipity Hopeful”.
    Regardless I really appreciated the blog!

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Desmond, as mentioned in my article. My friend tried the remedy and it worked for him. Hope others have found it just as helpful!

  25. Val says:

    I was eager to try this method until I read that the ‘stones’ people think they are seeing in the toilet after this regimen are really just globs of fat stained with bile, prouced by the reaction of the epsom salt with things in their body (can’t remember specifics). He said that medical people that deal with gallstones know that true gallstones sink, and don’t float like the particles that people misidentify as being gallstones after doing the flush. He also said that the whole experience could worsen matters for anyone with large stones. So now I’m reluctant to try it. I did read about the benefits of apple cider vinegar as well as lemon juice, so I’m going to give that a try before opting for surgery.

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      I referred back to my friend who suffered the excruciating pain which was cured after the release of the stones and here is what he said… those stones float but they were hard, some were dark green in color and others were yellowish. After a few days they turned oily and he claims this is due to the cholesterol in the body.

      Those who had tried may like to give their comments or any doctor reading this may like to enlighten us on the matter.

    • Elena says:

      The chemical reaction claim cannot be true, because I’ve just done a one-day gallstones removal procedure using only olive oil and lemon juice (without epsom salt), and managed to pass dozens of green to dark green stones, some up to 1cm in size. The bigger stones looked similar to the images of those removed by surgery.

  26. alice says:

    hi im only 30 years old and im suffering on pain almost 2 weeks now.., and my doctor advice me to go on an full abdominal ultrasound and they fined out that i have gallstone..and my doctor advice me for the operation but im scared of it..and i seen this natural methods and i will try it by tomorow but can i ask something if any sabtitute for the apple juice?…

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Alice, I’m in no position to tell you if you can substitute apple juice with something else. any one out there can help through your own experience?

  27. Val says:

    I’ve heard just as many people say they’ve had success with doing the flush without drinking apple juice first. I saw a natureopathic dr after my gallbladder attack and he recommended doing the flush. When I told him I was worried about getting sick from it, or having a stone get stuck in a bile duct, he suggested I just eat bile salts with my meals to support my gall bladder and take vitamin C to help dissolve the stones. I’m also being really careful about diet and it’s been a month so far without any flare up’s.

  28. donnie panda says:

    i already tried this method it was effective and i got around 80’s gallstone after doing dr lai chiu nan’s method ….thankz for sharing to us ur knowledge dr chui…

  29. Jolas says:

    Is epsom salt safe to our kidneys and liver?

  30. banu says:

    where can i buy the epsom salt ?

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Can anyone in India help banu?

      • Branislav Milanovic says:

        Is there any restrictions regarding the size of gallstones my friend has stone of app size of 2 – 3 cm or 20 – 30 mm, is that safe to use this method of stones removal because of size or all sizes can be safely removed with your method?

  31. satya says:

    My wife was disgnosed with Gallstones, many in numbers about 2mm size after delivery and already had 3 rounds of attack. She is scare dof being operated and decided to go for this treatment. today was the last day & i was so excited to hear from her from home that she passed alreayd a lot of stones, some big & some small in size all dark green in color.
    Can someone tell me that the Gallstones can float in water. the stones she was actually gallstones? as all of them were floating.
    Anyhow i am so happy she already so many stones as described in the procedure.
    thank you.

  32. Jingo says:

    100% effective. You can buy epsom salt usually on a drug store.

  33. flora says:

    I was disgnosed with 3 cm gallstones, which was found accidentally when I do medical check up. So far I do not suffer any pain or any symptom of gallstones. Please advice if I can follow the regime mention above because my gallstone is 3 cm( 30 mm).

  34. flora says:

    Thank you, I will try the method and update

  35. girish says:

    hi serendipity thank you for your blog………my father is suffering from gall stones and worrried about sugery……i will ask him to follow this method…….i will reply if it works for him thankyou.

  36. flora says:

    I found two type of olive oil, which one should I use? Extra virgin olive oil or olive oil. Please help.

  37. says:

    Hi! Would you mind if I share your blog with my facebook
    group? There’s a lot of people that I think would really enjoy your content. Please let me know. Thank you

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      ameemedin, your facebook seems to have more commercial contents than social, so I prefer you rather not. Thank you for your interest.

  38. Vanny says:

    Helpful info for gallstone problem.

  39. flora says:

    I am on my 1st day following the regime, hopefully everything is fine.

  40. It’s perfect time to make some plans for the future and it is time to be happy. I’ve read this post
    and if I could I wish to suggest you some interesting things or tips.
    Maybe you could write next articles referring to this article.
    I desire to read even more things about it!

  41. sam says:

    I have tried the regime but so frustrated yesterday when i saw the result of my 2nd gallbladder ultrasound, the stones are still visible.

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Sam, sorry to hear the regime is of not much help to you. The stone was not dislodge after you have taken the mixture? Maybe you could repeat the regime a couple of times more. It does not have side effects as far as I know as the ingredients are natural ones.Read the instructions again and try to follow the instructions as closely as possible. Wish you luck.

  42. Gay says:

    Im on my 6th day now i hope it work… God help me….

  43. Ahmedik says:

    hi..i have a gallstone of 2.4mm..would this help..its a single stone of 2.4mm

  44. Roma says:

    Magnificent goods from you, man. I have be aware your
    stuff prior to and you’re just too wonderful. I really like what you’ve received here, certainly like what you’re stating and the best way by which you say it. You make it enjoyable and you continue to care for to stay it sensible. I cant wait to learn far more from you. This is actually a terrific site.

  45. Thanks for some other informative blog. The place else
    may just I get that type of info written in such an ideal manner?
    I’ve a undertaking that I am simply now running on, and I’ve been
    on the glance out for such info.

  46. Baxter says:

    Hi Serendipity,

    You’ve been very helpful. Thank you for being patient in answering all our questions. I hope this procedure can remove every gallstones I have. Good job!!

  47. Vidhi says:

    Hi, thank you for your blog …. my mom is suffering from gall stone (12mm) and worrried about surgery.… i will ask her to follow this method..

    Please let me know …. we can follow this treatment for 5 days, with any other diet in lunch and dinner …. or we can follow this treatment without any other diet ….. Kindly clarify.

  48. moin says:

    its also work 4 kidney stone plz rpy

  49. Byron Daniel says:

    Anyone here tried this method even if they are taking meds for diabetes and hypertension? Did it work still?

    • flora says:

      I did purge after follow the regime, but I don’t know whether the stone is out or not because everything is greenish in colour.

  50. I’m extremely impressed together with your writing abilities as neatly as with the format to your weblog. Is that this a paid topic or did you customize it yourself? Anyway keep up the nice high quality writing, it’s uncommon to peer a nice weblog like this one today.

  51. Liz says:

    is it safe while on meds

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Liz, sorry I can’t help you with your questions as I am not a doctor. Can anyone who is medically qualified help out here?

  52. danny says:

    Hi, may sound silly but When we say 4 Apple Juice dose it means that we should have only apple juice and no other food for 5days?? or along with our regular food we should have apple juice?

  53. danielmmm says:

    Hi Can you please confirm for the 5 day should we eat only apple or we can have apple along with our normal diet?

  54. Ahmed says:

    i have been drinking apple juice for the last 2 weeks now after reading this article…will i get a good result or should i follow the regime strictly…and can i take epsom salt at any moment now as i have been drinking apple juice for the last 2 weeks now.

  55. muzaffar hussain says:

    Hello, i have gallstones micro type i read your article and from today i also follow your steps but i can’t understand what time i take apple juice before eating breakfast, lunch, dinner or after eating… Plz say me… And is olive oil important for that…can i use another oil…

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      muzaffar hussain, I think for the regime to be effective you have to follow the regime strictly. It is only fair to see if the regime work or not.

  56. sweety says:

    i have tried this 6 day apple juice treatment and today is my 7th day but it didn,t work for me why?

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      sweety…You just mentioned taking apple juice, what about the other things prescribed? What about the procedures, did you follow the . My friend followed the regime to the ‘T’ though the taste was not very pleasant.

  57. muzaffar hussain says:

    when i take epsom salt on 6th day at 6 pm one the same day at 8 pm can i take also 1teaspon of epsom salt.

  58. che says:

    hello friend, I have gallstones and i was hospitalized for 4 times and my doctor told me that i should go surgery, but it will be needing a lot of money, as of today im taking herbal, since i already read your article, I will try now the methods,. the epsom salt, where can we get it?can it b replace by the table salt? thanx.

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      che, I do not know which country you are from, so I cannot tell you where you can get your espom salt. Try asking some of your friends or relatives.

  59. jao deodato says:

    My wife has been doing this. On the fifth day of drinking able juice she decided to stop and drink the epson salt because she kept running to bathroom for a bowel movement. I am a bit worried because she is having a fever 38.1 degrees Celsius. Will she be okay should we go to the hospital?

    • serendipity hopeful says:

      Can some one advise jao deodato, please.

    • X-tine says:

      Hi Jai Deodato,

      Your wife reaction to go to bathroom that is quite normal. Drinking apple juice or even the fruit itself can causing a person to go to toilet quite often simply because apple contains a lot of fibre. I’m doing this treatment at the moment and am in the 6th day (final day). I can go to toilet 2-3 times/day. I did this treatment 3 years ago and it works. My doctor has booked me for surgery and I refuse to do it and I stumble across this information through internet and also I met a friend of mine that has already done it. A couple of days ago I had a bit fever and head ache due the the cold and rainiy weather but now am Ok. So hopefully this helps. Good luck with the treatment.

  60. Janet says:

    my mother was diagnosed of gallstones, i found this site and made her do the regime. she passed out 10 gallstones at first flush… this is really helpful. thank you so much for sharing. God bless.

  61. sony says:

    i was diagnosed with multiple stones of 5mm, since 6 months am suffering with advised me to go for gall bladder removal surgery,but i dont want to remove my gall i started this natural method 1 month ago but i didn’t find any stones in my first flush,and today is my first day of second flush, my problem is that am getting pain daily and am unable to bear the pain, whenever am feeling pain am taking pain killers. but taking pain killers daily is not good , so please suggest me how to come out from this pain, should i go for the surgery or i should continue this regime pls reply me urgently
    thank u

  62. KC says:

    I have been living with gallstones since last 7 years there are several and the biggest one is of 11mm. I am thinking of giving this method a try. But could anyone tell me that the flushing of the gall stone can cause pain or not?? Do we feel any pain or not? Thanks for your response.

  63. Ryza says:

    my mom was diagnose with gallstones, i found this site hoping she will be cured. JUST want to clarify just on the regimen, on the 6th day: do i have still to repeat the drinking of the apple juice on the morning for 2 times (breakfast, and lunch ) prior the drinking of the epsom salt???

  64. Its not my first time to go to see this website, i am browsing
    this web page dailly and take fastidious data from here all the time.

  65. bee says:

    My question is on the 6th day do i still drink the apple juice or eat what i regular eat with out the juice?

  66. Ali says:

    Heartily thankful to “serendipity hopeful” for sharing this helpful post and keep following up it for such a long period. My father have gallstones for almost 2 years now, will try this remedy, hope for the good results. However skipping the meal is not a good option for him as his sugar levels goes down (he’s diabetic). Well some sources say that the stones came out by this remedy are actually a compound form by salth and olive oil, as the one on mayoclinic say:

  67. ANIL KUMAR says:

    I just started this treatment. Want to know that apple juice should be taken with meal or after or befor meal. and what is Epsom Salt is called in HINDI?

  68. Kapil says:

    Did anyone tried collecting the gallstones and checking whether they were actual hard or soft?

  69. ANIL K says:

    I did try the method on my Dad who is 75 yrs old & pretty impressed with the result. The number of gallstones have become less and the one initially measured 2cms is now 7mm.

    1 liter of Apple juice Daily for 6 days. Consume most of the juice before 2 PM in a day & give a gape 45 to 60 min between the meal & Juice.

    You can get Epson salt on most of chemist shop, sorry I don’t know the whats its called in Hindi.

  70. Kris says:

    There’s definately a lot to learn about this issue.

    I love all of the points you made.

  71. Ina garner says:

    I thank you for home Remedies it work great!!!!! I was going to have surgery to but pay for it this work’

  72. Sylv says:

    I had a scan that reveiled a ‘nest’ of gallstones a number of years ago but had no pain at the time. A number of months ago I started to suffer severe pain from them and was put into the system for a gall bladder removal. I found this site and followed the regime. Hardly any discomfort on the fifth night and 3 days later the pain had totally disppeared. I had another scan a few days later,as requested by the doctor before surgery, and my gall bladder was empty. The doctor refused to acknowledge the treatment, even with the obvious results. He said I must not have had stones to begin with.Well, he diagnosed me and there is also the initial scan!! I will change doctors.

  73. Elizabeth jones weaver says:

    I do this cleanse every year. The first time was 11 yrs ago n I passed over 100 gallstones. Gives you a lot of energy immediately afterwards n you feel great.

  74. preeya says:

    thanks for the blog..i m going to try this method too..i hav 3 to 5 mm ,multiple stones in gall any symptoms yet but accidently identified when doing USG abdomen for kidney stone..i m little bit confused because ,are the stones are real or just product of chemical reaction that occurs between olive oil and lemon juice in stomach???…I will repeat the USG and share with u..if any one of u have clear evidence regarding status of stone in gall bladder before USG and after regime USG plz share ..

  75. Azam says:

    Its great
    I had H pylori and gall stone but after taking medicine from Homeopathic my HPylori went away and I dont feel pain in my abdoman now

    I still pain in my right soulder which is the syptoms of Gallstone and it is diagnosed by ultrasound.

    I am going to apply your method but on the 6th day i have to take Epsom salt while i am high blood pressure patient. what can i do now

    kindly guide me given alternative of Epsom salt.

  76. fitness says:

    Magnificent goods from you, man. I’veunderstand yoiur stuff
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