Middle-aged Men and Women, beware of what is killing many in your age group!

If you indulge in excessive drinking, are obese and are below 70 years of age, the experts are saying many of you are dying before your time.

The report by the National End of Life Care Intelligence Network warns that “liver disease is the only big killer that is continuing to rise and deaths from heart disease and cancer are now beginning to level off.” Look at the statistics … “It is estimated that just under 80 per cent of these deaths are caused by alcohol, 20 per cent by obesity and the remainder by hepatitis or inherited conditions.” 

The report’s researches analysed figures from the Office of National Statistics on the number of deaths caused by liver disease every year since 2001. These included deaths caused by alcoholic liver disease, fatty liver disease, liver cancer and cirrhosis – and other less common conditions. They found nearly all of these illnesses are caused by alcohol or obesity.

Professor Martin Lombard, National Clinical Director for Liver Disease who is one of the authors of the report said: ‘The key drivers for increasing numbers of deaths from liver disease are all preventable, such as alcohol, obesity, hepatitis C and hepatitis B.”

Andrew Langford, Chief Executive of the British Liver Trust called on the Government to intervene by banning cheap alcohol and bringing in taxes on high fat foods.

The rise in deaths from this disease alarms the experts and the medical profession now, so should we not take this warning seriously ourselves? If the causes are all preventable do we care so little about our own health? If we are so callous about our own health, can we truly claim we care and love our family? Our actions do not match our words most of the time!

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