Worldly Wealth that I know, but Merit Wealth?

Merit wealth, what is that?  Worldly wealth, that I know, but merit wealth?

Since we were small we have been indoctrinated as to what constitute success.  Money, power, fame, position, and accumulation of material possessions, we were told, are what defined success in this world we live in. We should want them and should have plenty of them! This is Worldly Wealth! This message has not slackened, we are still drumming it into our children and grandchildren.

Those who believe in this value system see nothing wrong with it. But there are those who do not share this view. They hold the view that merit wealth is much more beneficial and enduring to others and to themselves.

We know well how to go about acquiring worldly wealth but do we know how to go about acquiring merit wealth? These people go out creating happiness for others. They do things that lessen the sufferings and pains people they are acquainted with, or people whom they are not familiar with, are facing. They go out sharing what they have, whether it is their smiles, their time, their energy.  They seek no rewards nor do they expect gratitude in return. They are satisfied and contented just to know what they do make someone else more happy and that they have make someone else suffer less. They are happy to have make a difference in the world, no matter how small that contribution is.

They believe this is an inter-connected world, that we are all one, thus if one being suffers, ultimately the others also suffer even though this may not be obvious.

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