Cancer Timebomb … Parents beware!

Plunking the children in front of the television, placing a game station in their hands to occupy them or allowing them unlimited time to surf the internet, these are common actions taken by modern-day parents.  The article below states that millions of parents are guilty of committing such acts. They do all these for the purposes of finding time to do all they want to do and to find some time to relax. They hope the actions can keep the children distracted  and quiet. Though they may attain this purpose, there are hidden dangers which they may not be aware of. The dangers may not be apparent but the damage it can cause can be disastrous to the children’s health!

Doctors are concerned the children are becoming increasingly ‘inactive’. They are of the opinion two hours should be the maximum time children be allowed in front of the screen.  Those who spend hours playing games, surfing internet and watching TV risk developing diabetes, cancer and heart disease. The doctors are viewing these actions as TIMEBOMB!

It is never too late to take prevention. The best protection is to take stern action with our own children. Cut down on their time in front of the screen. It may be the most beneficial thing you do for your lovingly children.

Cancer Timebomb – read it.

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