Want to give a Head Start to your Young Children in Vocabulary and in Social-emotional Development ?

Grandparents can now add another feather to their hats!

A research paper done by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, Bryson Purdon Social Research, Essex University’s Institute for Social and Economic Research and the National Centre for Social Research will bring a ‘BIG SMILE’ to many grandparents!

The Millennium Cohort Study studied 19,000 children and it concluded that young children looked after by their grandparents  develop better vocabulary than those who are looked after by nurseries. The difference is noticeable by the age of three. 

Another noteworthy difference in these two groups of children is in the area of social-emotional development. The study also concluded that there is the ‘positive association between socio-emotional development and being looked after by grandparents.’ It claimed this head start is discernible by the time the young children reach the age of five.

But there is a qualification in these two conclusions, the study said the grandparents must come from ‘among more educated families’.

Now, even science has accorded them (the grandparents) the recognition they rightly deserved. Though this recognition has been long overdue, nevertheless, it is better late than never.

But to a layman the results that came from this study is not that surprising. It needs no real genius to know who will stop at nothing to give the best care to their own. Who else will do their very best to provide a more caring environment to the young children they love most? If not their own ‘flesh and blood’, who else?  And who are the ones who dole out all the tender love and doting care …. the grandparents, of course!

Read the Research Paper

After reading the article will the demand for grandparents to look after the grandchildren surged? It is hope that there will be no ‘demands’ from young parents on their own parents to take care of their young children. No all old people relish the prospect of looking after the grandchildren. They have their reasons, other considerations, their justifications, and apprehension for refusing you. And, yes, they have their own limitations, too!

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