If this can’t change your mind, nothing will!

View this video and see how you feel.  The method employed here in killing the dogs is extremely crude and cruel. In this case it is killing of dogs but daily there are other animals that are being killed, some in similarly crude manner, some in more modern and more humane manner. No matter how refined and modern the methods are, it is still killing defenseless animals just to satisfy our human appetites.

We humans pride ourselves to have made great progress and think we are are more refined than our ancestors. But judging from our senseless, cruel treatment of other creatures our claim seems to be hollow.

Economics tells us that if there is no demand there will be no supply. How do we stop the demand here. It is quite simple, we just have to stop craving for the meats  the furs  and the parts of these animals.

The question is – can we do it? Have we the real motivation to want to do it? More likely we will continue to show ourselves to be weak-willed individuals!!!

View video of the cruelty perpetrated here

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