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Simple test to determine if you are a Facebook Addict.

Everything in life has its positive and negative aspects. Anything carried to the extreme would usually bring forth more negative than positive results. This applies equally to the food we take, the hobbies we indulge in, the activities we focus upon, the desires we harbor in us, the thoughts we occupy ourselves with.

The use of ‘Facebook’ is no different. There is always the danger of us succumbing to the addiction of wanting more and more of wanting to use the ‘Facebook’. This survey finds that up to 85% of Facebook users log in daily. Half of the survey group say they start up Facebook as soon as they open their web browsers. Half fear that they are not ‘on top of things’ if they are not logged into the site, and 25% say they fill ‘ill at ease’ if they can’t log in regularly.  The study states that the  use of social networks activates the same ‘reward’ centres as sex, food and money .

Here is a  simple six point scale that should help root out those who use the site healthily from those who are dangerously hooked.

The researchers are from the University of Bergen, Norway. Many users spend time planning in advance what they are going to post on their page.  Occasionally doing this, for instance to try and encourage replies from business contacts, is fine. But they are of the opinion that a constant need to do this could border on addiction.

The survey suggested Facebook addiction was more common among younger adults and women rather than men. It also stated the addiction is more prevalent among those who are ‘anxious and socially insecure’ as they are often too introverted to speak in person but happy to maintain an online contact.

Take the test, it may help you realize how deep you have been sucked in by the social network. If this is such, then it time you do something about it, for no addiction is good.

Read and test yourself here!

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