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Made to realize I am getting older, but am gladly accepting it!

Since May 9th., I’ve not posted anything on my blog. It is not that I’ve been hibernating or have been too lazy to do anything! In fact, the period has been a hive of happy, gratifying activities for me.

My first grandchild arrived on the 2nd. May, since then it has been a period of intensive learning for this old man ….. learning how to be a grandfather! Learning the techniques of feeding my grandson, how to change his nappies and have them in the correct order. As he can’t talk yet, most things done are based on guess-work. What he wants during the nights, how to satisfy his needs during the nights, how to keep him contented and quiet are no easy stuff. Learning how to take his smiles, how to handle the penetrating, intense looks that  he shoots my way so as not to be ‘knocked over’ completely, needs control. Knowing what his cries mean takes some learning too, does it mean the nappies are wet, or does it mean he wants his feed or or is he telling you that he is uncomfortable.

Who says it is easy to be a grandfather? It is not easy, in fact it is hard, it is a real challenge one could say. Why does one say it is a challenge? It is a challenge if one takes the view that as a grandfather one has the obligation to impart the best seeds to his grandchild. And what are the good seeds one hopes to impart? These are things which will cause good habit energies to manifest in the grandchild. A grandfather would dearly want to see his grandchild possesses thoughtfulness, tolerance, filial piety, gratitude, thankfulness, harmony, kindness, understanding, compassion, patience, mindfulness, concentration, wisdom and other such good seeds in him, don’t you think so? Isn’t this a tall order, won’t you call this obligation challenging?

The child needs this as the environment and conditions he lives in now produce many negative influences. One hopes, imbued with these good seeds, the good seeds will, like the immunizations the child gets, immunize him against the negative influences, giving him good spiritual health!  The grandfather, having gone through more years of living experiences than any one in the family, should be the one imparting the little lessons to the little one, don’t you think?

At this stage of our lives, to be presented with a grandchild, the words of a song applies very aptly here,  “…  I love you for a hundred thousand reasons but most of all I love you because you are you!”  I am enjoying being a grandfather, hope those of you who are in the same category as me now are equally happy!

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