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Too much good can do more harm!

Heard of the phrase , “Too much of a good thing is bad”? Those who have grown children will appreciate the phrase more. Many of those who had given their kids too much of good things live to regret what they had done.

Here we are talking about overdoing the giving of love and attention and the care. Which parent does not love their children and want to be loved by them. But if we give too capriciously without due consideration of the consequences  we may be unwittingly creating future problems for ourselves.

Excesses may do more harm than good. The same applies in nation building. If, in their zeal to win popularity from the citizenry , political leaders start handling out goodies indiscriminately, then the consequences down the road is disaster for the people and the nation.

Indiscriminate giving, instead of creating happiness for the people , weakens the backbones of the people. Instead of making them more competitive and making them stronger to stand on their own feet, it diminishes them of their survival instinct. The haphazard approach lulls them into a false sense of perpetual good times. What is more destructive is, the pride is stripped from the social fabric of the nation.

Too Much Of a Good Thing is bad! Moderation would be  a better approach than sheer abandonment in giving! We need leaders with wisdom, not those who indulge in mindless actions.

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