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Is it just a wish-list item or is it a cry from their young hearts?

It seems children want to have a dad around. A survey reveals that a ‘dad’  is the tenth most popular Christmas present requested by children! We may laugh about this but this raises an  interesting question in our modern society where divorces are rampant, where there are many single-parent families. How are the children in such environment feeling and faring, especially during festive seasons. Is this wish-list item a cry from these children? Is this the revelation of their deep desire? Is this something we read about, grin to ourselves and let it pass. Or is there something more to it?

This wish-list item needs to be shared , it needs to be highlighted to more parents. divorcing parents need to be reminded that divorce can be a form of cruelty to the children. Divorce lawyers and judges handling divorces would do  kids a favor if they were to alert  partners seeking to be divorced!  Children seldom have a chance to choose what type of family unit they like to have., therefore more thought should be applied before parents apply for divorce.

Please share the article below in your ‘Facebook’. Do your share for the helpless children placed in such circumstances.

This will make all dads happy! Read.

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