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Mindful of my blessings!

Like all of you, I am also very fortunate. I have also been bestowed with many blessings. But the problem is, I did not keep these good fortunes constantly in my awareness. I am not always mindful. I did not consciously maintain vigilance over my tendency to be thrown off my emotional  equilibrium. I get easily  side-tracked by unpleasant, disagreeable, troubled encounters, people, experiences and situations.

Now I realize I can do better for myself. I want to maintain peace, equilibrium, relaxation, harmony  and have contentment, and  be more tranquil daily. To do this, I have list all my blessings. Each day I arrange to remind myself of what I have been so abundantly bestowed.

Each day now, I deliberately run through what I see as my blessings. I wish to create in me a sense of gratitude for all the good things I have been given. I feel I have to be appreciative and thankful for all these unsolicited benefits.

I see myself lucky to have been born to my set of parents. They loved me, took good care of me, they sacrificed as only parents know how. They provided me with a secure childhood, gave me an adequate education, and thus laying the foundation for a satisfying adult life for me. The education provides me a very beneficial hobby. It led me to pick up the useful habit of reading. My reading helped me tremendously in my occupation. More importantly, it leads me to find answers in my spiritual search.

My Good Health, I consider my greatest gift.  For without this incomparable blessing, many things, wonderful, valuable and enjoyable, though they may be, would not bring  much joy. All my sense faculties are functioning adequately.  This is meaningful as they permit me to understand, experience things, perform different actions without difficulty. This joyful gift needs to be acknowledged reverently.

To have a family that is relatively happy and harmonious is truly a great blessing. And to have every member in the family  healthy and hearty is more than anyone can ask for. What is more, I am lucky to have a caring wife and the children are all productively employed and are doing fine in their careers. I am humbled.

I can enjoy relative tranquility and can have peace of mind because there is no financial troubles to worry me. I am thankful I possess sufficient financial resources that allow me to live a relatively comfortable life and yet still allows me to spread some joy to others. My years now are really a blessing.

I am able to enjoy the satisfactory lifestyle because of the job I had in my working years. The job gave my family security in my younger years, it provided me the resources to educate all my children and it allowed me to save for my retirement years.

As the saying goes, ‘a man’s home is his palace’. I am blessed as I have a nice, comfortable ‘palace’ and my wife and children are there to share it with me.

All men are inter-beings, we are all interdependent on each other. I am given  truly sincere friends who are caring and are concerned with my welfare. They make our important occasions more meaningful. It is people like them that make my life more interesting, pleasurable and stimulating.

In the daily counting of my blessings, I acknowledge my good fortune of finding Buddhism. It provides spiritual guidance and directions to me, allowing me to evolve and develop .. to fine-tune myself. This is important to me, as it helps me to redefine my values and meaning in life.

At this stage of my life, I view the opportunity to retire comfortably as a true blessing. Many others cannot retire because they have to meet daily obligations. Others dread to retire because they are afraid of being alone. There are others who would not retire because they could not bear to let go of  power, money and position. I am enjoying retirement life and I wish this to all others.

I am also thankful for being born into this country as it provides a decent life for my family members and I. The country is free from many natural calamities. This relative calm has allowed and continues to allow me to live my life trouble-free. It has also provided me with the peace and comfort to enjoy my hobbies of photography, reading and computing in a care-free environment. This I consider myself lucky.

I am thankful for having the sense to know how to be grateful. Looking around, life has treated me and is continuing to treat me very well. I am amply blessed in all aspects of my life, spiritually, emotionally, materially and physically.

I wish the same blessings to all!

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