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Let It Be! Let It Be!

“Let It be!
Let It Be!
Let It Be!
Let It Be!
There will be an answer.
Let It Be!”

The Beatles said these words are words of wisdom from Mother Mary in times of troubles. It sounds kind of contradictory, we are told to let things be in ‘times of trouble’. When anxiety consumes us, when fears grip us, when uncertainty overwhelms our outlook, we are to keep clam and let things just be!?

But this is also the exact advice given by another wise sage. Buddha, too, taught us to let things be! Are these enlightened beings (Buddha and Mother Mary) out to confuse us? Not likely! We fail to see the wisdom contained in these words because we are too confused in our thinking.

Dzigar Kongtrul Rinpoche (a Tibetan meditation master) explains it this way … ‘We are not to feel threatened or try to control things, just let the things arise naturally and let them be.’. We are told the meaning of self-reflection is to let it be… do not stir up the lake water, it will be much clearer., to experience things clearly, without muddying the waters by trying to change or control them.

We should contemplate on what has been explained, chew over these wise words that have been proffered. Anxiety, fears, uncertainty have got us nowhere, they have not made us any wiser nor have they offered us happiness and contentment, let us see what ‘let things just be’ can do for us.

Do we have the courage to give this a try?

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