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The stubborn streak in each of us is preventing us to show true love!

The facts are all there, the dangers and diseases we know them and have seen them, the pains and sufferings that it inflicts have all been witnessed, yet we just continue to allow this devastating habit to hold us in its grip.

We have the faculties to reason and to choose and we always want the best for ourselves, so why do we still indulge in a habit that does us all harm and no good?

We have the inborn love for our children and have the protective instinct to want to shelter our loved ones from hardship, yet we knowingly stick to the habit that will eventually bring them pain, misery and sorrow.

Why, why then, aren’t we using our given faculties, why aren’t we taking cognizance of what disaster this habit can cause and why then aren’t we protecting the ones we love and whom we want to see happy?

Is it the stubborn streak in us that is stopping us from using the faculties we have?  Is it this same stubborn streak that is blinding us from seeing all the evidences placed in front of our very eyes? Is this stubborn streak the culprit that forces us to forsake our loved ones even though we are well aware that the continuation of this habit will cause us to part with our loved ones earlier and with much regret?

Through our uncritical and unmindful learning process we have not learnt the art of reflection and quiet contemplation. Thus, even though we may possess good faculties and noble intentions, we often end up doing things we know to be detrimental to our own health and the happiness of our families! One such harmful acts is the habit of smoking.

Wish we could be as tenacious in reflecting on matters that affect our lives as we are in pursuit  of  doing the things we like. May we have the strength to discard habits that are detrimental to happiness!

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