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Revenge is sweet!

Revenge is sweet or is it?

If we managed to extract revenge we may feel some temporary ‘satisfaction’. Like everything in this world, this kind of satisfaction is only fleeting, it stays for awhile then it disappears.

But are the  emotional investments we put in in the journey to get our revenge worth it? Just take time out now to reflect.

How do we normally feel when we are bent on ‘sweet revenge’? Aren’t our mind on ‘fire,  aren’t we hot and bursting with  rage? When we are focused on extracting our revenge, what stage of mental condition do we find ourselves in? Don’t you find extreme mental agitation  takes over and refuses to leave us in peace? Its ugly strength seems to gain power by the minute, doesn’t it? It leaves us no peace,  instead of calm, serenity and harmony we get only emotional/mental turmoil, uneasy, anger, intense sense of irritation, resentment, displeasure and discord. You know what these will do to our health and well-being.

We find ourselves losing our emotional control and we become even more irrational in our words and action. If we don’t initiate a turn-around in our thinking,  allowing this rage to fester, we usually find the rage consuming our whole beings. We become very different persons  – persons who become easily irritated, easily angered and easily provoked. Ugly people to even people closed to us. They will also be afraid to get near because our personality change has turned us into very different persons.

We want to draw ‘blood’ just because of some offense. By weighing the pros and cons, the cons win hands down. The benefits drawn are not worth the emotional and mental investment we put in to gain our ‘pound of flesh’.

This Chinese aphorism is worth our notice – “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” It inspires us to take control of our feelings.

Why choose something that is going to hurt us when we have the choice to pick another that is going can benefit us. Why be cruel to ourselves?  Are men rational beings?

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