Who is a coward?

Marvin Kitman ( the media critic at Newsday) said a coward is a hero with a wife, kids, and a mortgage. Do you agree with Marvin Kitman’s definition of a coward? To him the coward is really a hero! He is a man who cares for his wife and children, and in Asian families, maybe also his aged parents. He is also one who carries a mortgage.

A hero like any others has his own wants, desires and needs. A hero is one who takes his responsibilities seriously even though he may like to indulge in his recreations, to satisfy all his amusements, to gratify  all his interests, to satiate his needs for relaxation and his desires for fame, glory, power and social position. But he has qualities that makes him  a hero.

The sterling qualities that he possesses and which he allows to dominate his life make him stand out as hero. A keen sense of responsibility, strong self-control, a sense of restraint and the right sense of priority are his dominant qualities.  He  is earnest about his responsibilities to his family. He balances his interests, wants and desires against his family obligations with thoughtful reflections. He is deliberate in his actions, and he makes sure his focus stays fixed on his family.

He does not mind being considered a coward by those who do not understand his priorities. His courage is not for show.  A hero is a man with a wife, kids, and a mortgage.

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One thought on “Who is a coward?

  1. Marie says:

    Hahaa…You’re absolutely right though. That mindset is obviously from a person that is insecure about his own ability to provide FOR those things; a wife, kids, and a mortgage. My guess is that he’s probably divorced, a semi or non-un-involved father and maybe even lost his house or had a sour taste of splitting one in divorce!
    Different strokes for different folks! But anyone judgmental like that obviously ain’t happy with himself. Poor guy!
    Funny you referred to the Asian-loyals! But so true…almost shameful!

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