The Most Unappreciated natural element!

Water, unappreciated.

Water, I thank you for your purifying, healing, sustaining and curative powers. I thank you for keeping us hygienic and clean, keeping us free of diseases and illnesses.

I thank you for greening the earth and cooling the planet. The planet will be a scorching hell and no human can survive in this planet without you. I thank you for giving life to human, animals and plants.

Water, I thank you for making up 70 percent of our bodies, thus helping to regulate our body temperatures and also helping to harmonise the working of the other body functions.

Water, without you we would die of thirst. We would not be able to enjoy so many of our modern amenities without the electricity generated with the power you produce.

Water, your sustaining and healing qualities have not been truly and properly acknowledged!

Water, you deserve our respect and appreciation! You are so abundantly available and it costs us so little that is why we behave so flippantly towards you, ignoring your preciousness and importance.

Water, you do not clamor for our attention, nor do you create havoc for our neglect. Despite the blatant neglect you still make yourself readily and abundantly available to us.

This callous attitude of ours is totally wrong! It means our priorities are all twisted!

Water, your valuable qualities need to be properly appreciated, your properties are priceless and irreplaceable!

Thank you, WATER!

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