The Idiot Box has made Idiots out of Us!

The idiot box gets the blame for making idiots out of us. This is not really fair to the idiot box for the real culprits are, we, ourselves. The idiot box does not produce the shows, nor does it write the scripts nor does it think of the plots. Who do all this, it is people, so the blame should fall squarely on the shoulders of all mankind.

The damage perpetrated on society by all the shows espousing values that are foreign to most Asian societies is undeniable! The erosion of traditional Asian values is real.

Asian societies prefer humility, respectfulness, deference, thoughtfulness, gratefulness, harmony to arrogance, pride vanity,  insolence, greed, conceit, selfishness and narcissism. They promoted filial piety over individualism and personal good. These values were revered and were passed down from generations to generations. They became pillars on which Asian societies were built and they have served the societies well. While these revered values were preferred, and were  promoted and aggrandized before, now negative values have displaced them.

This is where the idiot box, which is a neutral device, is used as the medium to propagate the ‘modern’ values. We have to be aware what these trendy shows are doing to us as a society. We need to remind ourselves and alert the younger people who may have not come across the values treasured by our forefathers that there is an alternative way of life.

Below are some articles on our Asian values. Hope they can help to slow the erosion of the beauty offered by revered values.

Cold shoulder treatment, a slow torture but still a torture!

The end to an ancient tradition.

The days given us is a blessing!

Mother’s Day special!

How to instill fear into your parents!

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