Reunion Dinner – a tradition worth keeping.

There will be millions of REUNION DINNERS held in Chinese families around the world today. The Reunion Dinners are held but the meaning behind it, the significance of holding these dinners, are they still appreciated?

This is a tradition worth keeping but the reason it is carried out in the first place, is it acknowledged by all. Plenty of food is prepared and much work is put into getting it ready, if the significance is lost then the Reunion Dinner has become only an occasion for exercising the mouths and filling the tummies.

During the Reunion Dinner family members get together to celebrate. ‘Reunion dinner is less of a ceremony and more of a promise that the family will once again unite despite their work and studies outside.’  It is a symbol of strength and unity in the family.

So, if this is the significance, is it lost on most modern families? Is it really a family’s symbol and strength? To be a real symbol and strength,  all the family members have to be present. Do the family members come together for the Dinner with hearts of joy, of  true happiness? In the spirits of unity, tolerance and with feelings of love for one another?

If such sentiments of closeness, such spirits of bonding are missing, then each member has to rework himself/herself to bring back the right spirits of a united family.

A united family is one where there is no jealousy that causes friction and separation. It is a family in which the family members know that blood is thicker than water, that no matter what happens the family  unity is the most important thing for the heads of the household. They will do their utmost not to break their hearts.

Celebrate this New Year’s Reunion Dinner with the spirits of joy and intimacy. Make it a significant dinner, one in which each family member loves  the others without contamination of jealousy and anger but with consideration, warmth and love in his heart! Have a harmonious dinner, let harmony be the by-word in your family, bond with your siblings!



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