Are old folks hard to please?

Taking things on the surface it may seem old people are hard to please. It takes a few minutes of quiet contemplation to see this is not so. In actual fact, they are, like most children, very easy to please. If you watch what bring smiles, not just smiles, but big smiles to their faces, you can see it takes very small things to bring these smiles on.

The difference of opinion arises between the two generations because the young people and the old people interpret things from different perspectives. Things that bring big smiles to the young differ from those that bring smiles to the old.

Having gone through more years and having had many experiences etched in their memories they look at things and value them from a more experiential and personal perspective. Just the antics or frolics of their grandchildren can bring them great amusement. Words spoken in a softer tone and in a more deferential manner give them a warm glow in their feelings. The young do not put so much significance on these subtleties. They take such interpretations by the old folks as fussiness or pettiness. This is where the problem lies.

Do the young have to bother themselves with such problems? Of course they do not have to if they feel it is the old people who bring such problems upon themselves, it is for them, the old folks, to change. They are being unreasonable. But if the young wants their parents to live happier and they care about their feelings then taking consideration of such subtleties when behaving towards their parents is part of filial piety. May there be many such children in this world!

Why create misery, discord, unhappiness and suffering in the family when it is just a matter of interpretation?

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