Words but they are not mere words!!!

The new calender year has just started and the Chinese New Year is just round the corner. The ‘new year wind’ fills us with gaiety, liveliness and merriment. Not only the air, the atmosphere and the environment can cause our moods, our feelings and our dispositions to change, words also have the same power to transform us in these areas!

Look at these words, cherish, nourish. inspire, invigorate, awaken, galvanise, energize, strengthen, stimulate, enliven, fortify, rejuvenate, happiness, joy, gratitude, blessed, compassionate, care, harmony. What do they do to you by you just reading them aloud? Don’t you feel a lift in your spirit, a boost in your emotional make-up?

This is a new year, let’s keep ourselves in these positive moods. By allowing these words to imbue us daily, let us allow the positive words work their magic in us, let us go through 2012 with a happy, joyous and lively disposition! Let us keep ourselves exhilarated and contented. Let us be mindful of our well-being. Remind ourselves of the good things we have and are constantly receiving. As we go through the days in the year let us share with others what we can in our own small ways.

Happy Chinese New Year to ALL!!!!!!!

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