Mobile phones are called ‘Health Time Bombs’!

It is reported that more than 200 academic studies link the use of the mobile phones with serious health conditions such as brain tumours, according to a group of leading scientists. These scientists say the Government (the British government) is underplaying the potentially ‘enormous’ health risks – especially for children, whose smaller, thinner skulls are more susceptible to radiation.

Here in Malaysia there is not  a pip on this from the Malaysian government, so it is as good as the Malaysian government is also “underplaying the potentially ‘enormous’ health risks – especially for children, whose smaller, thinner skulls are more susceptible to radiation.”

Although these experts concede the links are not proven, they suggest that ‘schools, shops selling phones and the healthcare system’ should be enlisted into a campaign to reduce the use of mobile phones.

Though these studies are inconclusive, the report points to several studies linking long-term mobile phone use to development of a rare brain tumour called a glioma.  A 2008 Swedish study suggested children who use mobile phones are five times more likely to develop it.

Other inconclusive links are low sperm counts, behavioural problems in children whose mothers used them during pregnancy, and damage to brain cells.

Consultant neurosurgeon Kevin O’Neill of Charing Cross Hospital, said the latency period for brain tumours is 30 years so it is possible the consequences of phone use are not yet apparent. Does this mean we will wait for this time span to run its course before we start taking action? Do we want to see the real damage before we act?

‘Waiting for certainty of harm is a dangerous policy,’  said consultant neurosurgeon Kevin O’Neill

Professor Denis Henshaw, emeritus professor of human radiation effects at Bristol University, advocates the use of cigarette-style warnings on mobile phone packets.

He said: ‘Vast numbers of people are using mobile phones and they could be a time bomb of health problems – not just brain tumours, but also fertility, which would be a serious public health issue.

So, what is the wise thing to do ….. to ignore all these studies, though they are inconclusive or do we start taking precaution. We all know prevention is better than cure, so are we prepare to cut down on the usage and curtail our children from using them?

Your lives and the lives of your children are in your own hands, the choice is yours!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Mobile phones are called ‘Health Time Bombs’!

  1. joeyllhow says:

    I’m guilty of using my mobile phone around my toddler’s presence or letting him play with it, no thanks to the advancement of iPhone applications. It’s just so addictive but if health is at risk, I’d rather reduce or do without it.

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