Change thwarted by our insistent need for instant gratification.

In life, there are many things we want to make changes to and we want to see the changes happening as soon as we take some steps, even though the efforts may be so minute or insignificant. This is brought about by the attitude of wanting instant gratification. This attitude of instant gratification really works to our detriment. Have no patience to hold on for a little while longer, we do not persist in our efforts to see our undertaking for change through.

But change can be too subtle. We may not be able to detect or sense or appreciate that change is taking place or has taken place, so too often our efforts in making change are abandoned. This is a pity, have we persist a bit longer or have we hold back our need for instant gratification many of us would have succeeded in the many things we have sought to change.

Maybe to help ourselves from falling into this instant gratification trap so often we should hold in our mind the growth of the bamboo shoots when we are faced with quitting in our change-seeking efforts! To see the shoots of a bamboo may test your patience as the growth is very, very slow. But once they burst through the ground the growth is expeditious !

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