An oldie and the computer games.

I fail to post for some time. It is entirely to to my lack of self discipline !  I have to admit for allowing myself to fall for something that we oldies often decry the young for having weak will. I fell into the seduction of computer games. They hold such fascination, they were able to induce me to spend hours playing them.

I have no one to blame but myself, I allowed it to tempt me, to sway me to stay on my laptop for hours on end. I lost restraint.  In the past, when I heard of cases where young people were so absorbed in these games, I used to think of them with a tinge of contempt. I just could not fathom why they could become so addicted to the games.

The games captivated me, they challenged me to improve on my own scores. While watching TV I would even be engaged in playing them. I really behaved like a young boy. There must be some truth that when one gets old one enters into a second childhood. This may be my second childhood. I shouldn’t be too hard on myself, should I ?

There is another lesson in this for me … that I should not be too hasty in condemning others , especially the young’uns.

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