Happiness … Different Things to Different People and Different Things to Different Generations!

Researchers tell us happiness means different things to different generations. Having happiness experiences at different periods of my own life, what these researchers are saying makes perfect sense.

The research done by Professor Cassie Mogilner, of the University of Pennsylvania said young and old people experience completely different emotions when they say they are ‘happy’. The emotions feel by young adults and by children are also different.

When children say they are ‘happy’, they experience joy and excitement. When young adults say they are ‘happy’, the emotion they experience is excitement.

The emotion experience when old people say they are ‘happy’ is associated with contentment! This is all a matter of natural progression.

When you are small, you take things as they unfold. Exciting things excite you, but you also enjoy moments of joy as they open to you. Everything is natural and unforced. But when you are a young adult, you often set out to find your own ‘happiness’, you want excitement and you go out looking for stimulation. Your whole life evolves around this emotion.

Burt when you grow old, things become more serene. Your value system takes a evolution and you look for contentment instead of excitement and stimulation. So, when things that bring you a sense of gratification, fulfillment, serenity and peacefulness, you feel contented.

This is the natural progression in life. It is a normal process that life takes. It is human nature, something we should be thankful for.  It shows the old people do get wiser, very encouraging.

Read the article by Professor Cassie Mogilner:-

Happiness Analysed!

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