Your Life, your Choice!

Plan before it’s too late. How old are you, have you plan for your retirement? The article found on MailOnline states that the number of people over 65, yes those over 65 years old, who have no idea when they will be able to retire have quadrupled. Isn’t that frightening? This is in Britain where those who are 65 and above enjoy free medical benefits.

It also states that two-fifths of the entire working population are uncertain about when they will be able to give up their job. And more than half admit they are ‘not at all prepared’ for retirement. Isn’t this sad? It is a different matter if you choose to work when it is time for you to retire. That’s your choice, but it looks like many do not have this choice.

Why is this so? It says, among the over-55s, the number who have failed to get to grips with their finances for when they leave work has doubled.  It prompted, Craig Fazzini-Jones, a director at retirement income specialists MGM Advantage, which carried out the survey, to say: ‘This is further evidence that a growing number of people are sleepwalking into retirement.’ He also says those who are 55 and over are not at all prepared, with many failing to take even the most basic financial steps.

How many people seek advice to ensure they make the best decisions regarding their retirement? Do they know the options available to them?

If steps are not taken early, retirement can be a worrisome prospect. This may be the reason why people do not look forward to retirement.

Young people, it is never to early to plan for your retirement. The earlier you start planning for retirement, they more secure will be your twilight years. Plan now or else there are many unpleasant adjustments you have to make in your latter years.!

Read article below:

Work till you drop!

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