Obesity, understandable, but height connected to cancer risk?

The Big ‘C’ strikes fear equally to those who have been invaded by the disease and those who are cancer free. Any news on how the Big ‘C’ takes hold in one’s body is eagerly devoured. The two articles are from MailOnline, one tells us that taller women are a third more likely to be diagnosed with cancer.

It said being tall may increase the levels of certain hormones known to trigger tumours. The research by Oxford University  found ‘the risk of cancer increased by around 16 per cent with every four inches of height.’ People cannot change their heights but  there a word of consolation here; Sara Hiom, director of health information, at Cancer Research UK, said: ‘Tall people need not be alarmed. Most people are not a lot taller than average and their height will only have a small effect on their individual cancer risk.

Interested in the article below:-

Height and Cancer

The other article tells us that women who are dangerously overweight are at a far higher risk even than those who drink heavily or smoke. The good news is that obesity is avoidable.

The article from ‘MailOnline’-:

Obesity’s connection to breast cancer.

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