It All Revolves around the word ‘Over’!

The word ‘over‘ was written all over the Bersih’s July 9 rally!

It started with Najib and his administration’s over-sensitivity. Najib took Bersih’s request for electoral reforms as a personal affront.

His over-confidence in the power he wields and in his position led him to speak and act with total arrogance.

His over-reliance on others like, Ibrahim Ali, the Utusan, Khairy/UMNO Youth, Hisham and the police complicated the issue and situation for himself.

He over-promised the Agong, the people and Bersih’s steering committee.

He over-taxed the patience of Malaysians who want to see electoral reforms and over-performed on July 9. He employed total over-kill in pelting the rally participants with chemically-laced water, tear gas and attacked them with water cannons.

But the greatest mistake he made was to Under-estimate the intelligence and patience of Malaysians.

As if the ‘under-ings‘ and the ‘under-ings‘ aren’t enough, he had to end the episode with over-acting, mocking Anwar, saying he faked the injuries.

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