Young, Healthy, Vigorous, Active, Flourishing, Independent …. but will you always be so ?

When people are healthy, vigorous, active, flourishing and independent and especially when they are also young, this issue may never crop up in their heads. Unless, of course, they are of sensitive nature or are fortunate enough to have come across cases where this predicament is revealed.

The predicament highlighted here is the grossly unpleasant circumstance where old people are facing financial hardship because they have not save money for their twilight years. This terrifying scenario happens more often than we would imagine. Read the article attached, there are people who have not save even a penny for their old age.

This surveyed article was done in the United Kingdom but human nature is such that if it can happen in the UK, it can happen here or anywhere else in the world. The best persons to answer the question of how much are we taking care of our old age now that we are still young would be ourselves.

Read Article Here.

How many of us are in the same category as those revealed in the survey? That is we don’t save a cent of what we earn? If such things are not happening, then why are there so many  young people owing debts to the credit cards companies? Why are so many made bankrupt.

Please spare a thought, not for others but do this for yourselves. If you don’t save now when you have the earning capacities, when do you hope to start?

Health is Wealth, but how many people can guarantee themselves that they will possess good health when they retire? If you can’t give yourselves that guarantee, then be convinced you need a ‘nest’ stashed aside for your retirement years!

Inspire yourselves to save now so that you can be financially independent when you retire. Even when you grow old you still need money …. money for your food, money to maintain your health, money to seek medical aid when you fall sick, money to pamper yourselves once-in-awhile, money to keep your wife happy, your children happy and your grandchildren happy! So, you see, money is indispensable!

In many families, seniors with money also get more respect and care. It would be  a wise move on your part to take care of your old age while you are still young!

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