The right thing to do is to take care of what you yourself are doing, not to worry what others are doing!

We are constantly reminded to take care of our environment, but is the message sinking in? Though many environmentalists warn the destruction of the environment is imminent, many of the world’s people are not overtly concerned.

Taking individual care of this planet of ours doesn’t get our priority. Day in and day out, we go about doing our own things without giving a thought as to what do or how we do our things are affecting the environment. We are too preoccupied with our own problems. This is largely true, this awareness is just  not there.

The planet Earth has 6.92b people living in it. Take away 1.9b who are children it still has 5 .0 b adults in it. If each of these adults were to hold the awareness to do his share to save the planet Earth, much good can still occurs.

‘DailyGood’ website give a list of “100 Ways to Save the Environment. It would be impossible for us, the inhabitants of planet Earth, to put all of these into practice. But to pick one or two of the ways and put them into use, as our contribution/repayment/gratitude to planet Earth is a doable gesture.

Let each of us commit to play our part, choose two of the ways and on a daily basis put them into use. Make the choice. Take this as our responsibility to keep Earth safe for our future generation.


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