The economically sophisticated misused their economic shrewdness and caused pains to the helpless !

Yesterday an investigative reporter wrote an article on the cruelty inflicted on a few helpless residents in a private hospital. Today, the news broke of a greedy few who took advantage of their economic savvy that now causes unspeakable sufferings for many who are in the late stages of their lives.

These cruel people used their economic shrewdness to purchase a chain of private homes for the aged. They stripped the company that own the homes into two. They separated the homes to only provide care for the residents and put the properties into another company that they owned. Then they made the homes paid rentals to this property company. Now the homes are corrupt and at the brink of closing down.

The lure of the mighty dollars dulls the consciences of many.  Most the residents in these homes are in their 80s and 90s and they need intensive care and attention. Hope the present British government keeps to its promise of putting the interests of these residents first.

The problem started when previous Conservative British government allowed the ‘efficiency and cost-control of the business world to creep into social care. It looks the desire to make big bucks cannot work side by side  with compassion and care.

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