Things defying logic are mushrooming in our land!

When the situation in the country reaches this point much confusion is generated. When the people are bombarded day-in and day-out with speeches that defy logic, they become unsettled and become as agitated as the perpetrators of such nonsense.

Below are some instances of the illogical rubbish that were happening here in our land (Malaysia):-

>   The government allocated 1,500 overseas scholarships to top students, but only 300 of these were awarded based solely on merit! A joker in our midst insists the percentage given to students of his race should be raised to 67 % (with no consideration of merits) to reflect the ratio of the population of his race!

>   The prime minister maintains his promise is that all 8A+ students will get government scholarships for local and overseas courses. yet, yet, only 363 straight A+ have still not secured placements. And 82 students with 9A+ were only offered diploma course;

>   The Utusan, a Malay daily, tries to portray itself as the champion of the Malays. This very paper is brought to court for reneging to pay its workers, who are mostly Malays, the contractual bonus! It did this while it funneled millions of its profits to its subsidiaries!  What a joke.

 >   The prime minister assured his government would engage with parents to seek their views on the issue of using English in the teaching of Maths. and Science before the final decision is reached. The Education department has invited PAGE (a pro English group) to a discussion but just a day prior to the meeting it was called off without a reason given.

>   MCA (a component party in the governing coalition) has always maintains it is a full-fledged partner in the BN coalition. UMNO (the dominant party) has also occasionally paid lip-service to this. Yet, MCA, in trying to get redress for the aggrieved students who have not got their scholarships,   has to do it through the press!

>   the opposition maintains the 19 billions, yes, 19 billions, in profits foregone by Petronas to the IPPs and Tenaga are a nothing but subsidies. But the Energy, Green Technology and Water minister insists the amount is merely the profits that Petronas had to forgo for selling gas below the market price.

These are some of the evidences of the ‘brilliant’ logic proffered by our ‘great minds’ in our land. You can’t miss these ‘gems’ , daily more and more are clamoring for our attention. These keep many of us entertained but really it is not doing any good for the nation.

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