The Absurdity of It All!

The management of the economy by  a government indicates the degree of grey matters possessed by the people we have voted in to lead our nation.

Take the matter of subsidies for staple commodities like sugar and petrol. When they were first voted in, either because they were caught up in the euphoria of victory, or they were too tired to think properly after a tiring election campaign, they thought of the idea to subsidize these commodities. Maybe they were thinking of rewarding the people for having voted them in. If such is the case, it shows they were shortsighted or lack the know-how to think more deeply as they never fathom the consequences these subsidies which now come to haunt them!

When they first introduced the subsidies they hailed themselves as champions of the people, they patted themselves on the backs praising themselves on how well they were managing the economy. Now the undesirable effects of the subsidies are rearing its ugly head, they are saying the subsidies are ‘opium’, that the people are addicted to the ‘opium’. It is the people who are at fault now !!!! Wonder who the opium peddlers are? Now the government wants to wean the people from the addiction ‘cold turkey’.

When, at the end things are not working out, the victims are made out to be the culprits. This is the fine art of Malaysian politics!

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