Facade is more important here.

Malaysia looks good  and seems to do well on the surface or seen from afar. Economically, it seems it is doing well, it has many natural resources – rubber, petroleum, oil palm. On the manufacturing and industrial side many international entities have set-ups here.

But looking deeper, that’s all one has to do (one doesn’t have to dig at all), one can see things are not all they seem. The direct foreign investments have been falling or have stayed stagnant for years. Wage increases cannot match the rate of inflation. Prices of staples are on the rise. Rising prices of houses is making it very difficult for the younger  generation to own their own homes.

But strangely, there is a culture that places maintaining the public image or presenting a favorable facade to be more important than facing the truth. This insidious culture is blurring the genuine state the nation is facing, it creates a false image to even many Malaysians themselves.

Who are the ones who are perpetuating this duplicitous culture? The blame falls squarely on the politicians, especially those in the ruling parties. They are using this false picture to stay in power.

Hope more average Malaysians will see through this trap and become more aware of what information they are fed with. The citizens have to take care of themselves.

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