His action speaks volume of his character !

This afternoon I’ve a very pleasant experience which I feel I need to share with you. It can’t go without being acknowledged.

This involves a person whom I knew as a young man.  As I grew older he also grew older, so does our friendship.

My son is getting married on the coming Saturday. About a month ago I texted this person to ask whether he would have the time to attend my son’s wedding dinner. I know he is  a very busy man and furthermore he is now north of the country.

This afternoon I received a call from this gentleman. He remembered my short message, he told me he could not make it for the dinner but congratulated me for my son’s wedding! He even reminded me to not to forget to deliver him the ‘red eggs’ once my grandchild arrives.

This gentleman is none other than the Chief Minister of Penang. We all know he is a real busy man. For him to remember my message and made the effort to call me to convey his congratulations personally speaks volume for the type of person he is.

I am sure you will agree with me that that’s really a very thoughtful gesture on his part. His political foes may make derogatory remarks about him and call him names but for one to do this for a friend who has no political advantage that will benefit him really reveals his true characters. He is truly caring and thoughtful and it shows he values friendship.

Through this page I would like to convey my thanks and appreciation to him! It sure is a memorable moment for my son and his spouse.

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