Talking Brain drain to the brain-dead.

The brain drain from Malaysia to the other more developed nations is a fact which is plain for all to see.

The sufferers (the ones who have suffered injustices and unfair treatment and have migrated) stated that they did so because many policies in their country of birth are race-based and that they were not given due treatment and recognition for the results they had worked hard to produce. They suffered in all areas where the formulators have control – education,  job prospects in the government sector and  job advancement.

The national policies formulators, for reasons only known to themselves, though acknowledging the problem still have not make serious attempts to reverse the outflow trend. They are letting the nation slowing bleeding to economic death. It is a crying shame that a nation with all the mental wealth that it possesses is allowing its neighbor and other countries to get its talents for free.

None other than the World Bank has come out with a damning report decrying the deteriorating trend. But here it looks like we are talking Brain Drain to the Brain Dead!

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One thought on “Talking Brain drain to the brain-dead.

  1. eve says:

    hahaha well written, sir

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