Why are girls behaving badly?

This survey was conducted in Britain but because the world has shrunk similar things are also happening here in Malaysia at almost the same time.

Why then are they behaving badly? According teachers who are in daily contacts with their students the main culprit is the media. Girls are seduced by Wag lifestyles and the realty shows shown on TV. These coupled with the instant gratification mentality now held by most in our societies are causing the girls to give up on studying and choose the easy path to fame and fortune.

The teachers said ‘ Many want to become a mini-celebrity instantly so they try to attract attention from boys by disrupting classes, spreading rumours and even cyber-bullying’.

One psychologist Dr Linda Papadopoulos said unfortunately the ‘wrong kinds of women and achievements’ are being celebrated.

Who should bear a large part of the blame?  To me, the family does. It again boils down to us, the parents. We have failed our young generations. All because we lack courage! We are too eager to please our young sons and daughters. We lack the resolute to teach the right values. We are indulgent and give in too easily. We think we are bring about harmony into the family, not realizing we are actually creating disharmony and suffering in the long run. Our laxity is detrimental to our family and to society, we have to wake up to this fact.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1377953/Wags-X-Factor-Why-girls-behaving-badly.html#ixzz1JqswNdgL

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