Think twice … The consequences of a one-parent family.

The Center for Social Justice (a think-tank in Great Britain)  said the followings are the possible consequences on a child of a one-parent family :-

– the child is 75% more likely to fail at school;

– the child is 70% more likely to become a drug addict;

– the child is 50% more likely to have an alcohol problem, and

– the child is 35% more likely to be unemployed as an adult.

Looking at these dire possibilities, we adults should shake ourselves up to face up to our responsibilities. These consequences come about as a result of us adults not taking the children’s interests seriously enough. The collapse of families and adults having children outside marriage are two of the main causes of the children suffering these dreadful consequences.

There are ample evidence to show ‘ that the family environment in which a child grows up is key in determining their future life outcomes.’ We, the older adults have been too lax in bringing up our children. Plenty of beneficial values have been eroded because of us wanting to be ‘ with the time ‘. We compromise too easily, thus bring suffering to our descendants without fully realizing what we have done .

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