Doing the “TWIST”

The dance ‘twist’ might not have gained back its dominant place of its heyday but the twisting of words and facts definitely has wriggled itself into the top spot in the political arena !

Opening the newspapers or listening to the radio or television each day one is bombarded with our political leaders doing the ‘verbal twist’. This seems to be the norm that more and more versions of the ‘dance’ is being devised by these leaders. They do it so naturally now that there is not even a trace of guilt or shame in their presentations.

Who do these leaders think the general public are?” They are so daring now that it looks like they are taking the public as brainless dunces. They seem to think the people have no power of reasoning left, that they we will just swallow whatever that come out from their stupid mouths. Their contortions are so silly and shallow that even six-years olds can see through them but these nitwits are not embarrassed at all to say them.

What is hard to fathom is that there are still people willing to back these nitwits and support them. There is plenty of truth in the saying … ‘We deserve the government we vote for’. Maybe the voters are the bigger nitwits.

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