Valentine’s Day is just round the corner …

Valentine’s Day is a just day away. Countless couples, young, the not -so-young and the old, are planning ways to win the approval and admiration of their sweethearts. Countless ways are deployed to show their expressions of love – some ingenious, some traditional and some downright silly and even stupid. But there is no right way or wrong way, as long as they work – that is what counts.

Some people decry the occasion as a commercial gambit and condemn the ways the money spend on the occasion. But what is wrong if it brings happiness into the hearts of those involved.

No doubt plenty of money are splashed, plenty in very lavish and extravagant manner but it is these differences that make the world interesting and refreshing! Love does make the world goes round!!!

Love should not be just confined to the couples involved. It would be good if those spending time and money to elicit and show their love could think of ways to spread their love around, especially to those who are less fortunate. In this way they are making many more people happy. The love that blossom on this occasion would be more blessed and meaningful. In a way they are also showing their gratitude for the good fortune (the love they have and the money at their disposal) they possess. The Gods will also rejoice!


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