A Lesson for all governments around the world!

Sir Philip Green, a retail magnate who made billions from his business has this advice to the British government. He lists the major areas where wastage are rampant in the civil services. The areas he highlighted are property, computers, printing, office supplies, mobile phones, hire cars, credit cards and travel.

According to him if the British government simply takes advantage of its position as the biggest purchaser of goods and services in the nation it could save itself a whopping twenty (20) billion pounds and not have to lay off a single employee.

This is not surprising as the purchases of goods and services are  areas where the checks and balances are most lag in the government services of many nations in the world. These are also areas where corruption and abuses are prevalent.

Though the advice is in the British context, it is still very relevant and applicable to all other nations that wish to be more responsible and accountable to their constituents.

Sir Philip Green’s advice! (MailOnline)

Don’t you agree that the advice is not hogwash and it is not ‘hoodoo’ economics. The savings he estimates the government can have is attainable if the government which wish to implement it has the will.

But the sad fact is that Sir Philip Green should also look into his own behavior. For he is said to evade paying tax to the British government by transferring all his assets to his wife who lives in Monaco. If his actions match his words more people would take his advice more seriously, don’t you think so?


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