The command of the English language, Headache for the Bosses!

Bosses at Leeds Building Society find that they can’t understand the reports their employees sent to them. If this is the phenomenon the British bosses find themselves in, wonder how the Malaysian bosses are faring?

Read what Laura Clark has to say about the “Grammar for graduates: Building society hires teacher to improve recruits’ written English.

The concerned bosses are fearful that the badly written letters would irritate their customers. They have gone to the extent of hiring a A-level English teacher to coach the company’s employees on traditional grammar and punctuation.

Not only are the bosses at Leeds Building Society expressing concern. Bosses from other sectors have also questioned the calibre of jobseekers. One boss, Sir Michael Rake, BT’s chairman, said education standards were a ‘disgrace’ after receiving applications from ‘illiterate’ school-leavers.

Separate research has found that ‘British students have a worse grasp of English than many from overseas. A study at Imperial College London found British undergraduates made three times more grammatical and spelling errors than counterparts from Singapore, China and Indonesia, who count English as their second language.’

Educationists in Malaysia have no cause to be happy as the standard of Malaysian students is not mentioned. In fact, they need to be concerned as the three countries  highlighted (Singapore, China and Indonesia) are Malaysia’s rival for Foreign Direct Investments. The poor command of English of Malaysian graduates would not add value to the efforts to attract the investors.

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