Mothers, this is surely one very good reason to breast-feed your babies!

A line from a popular song says ..’we have been told repeatedly…’ Yes, we have been told repeatedly over the years that babies receive many benefits from being breast-fed. The subject has been told so many, many times that some people find it very boring to read anything more on it.

I feel, if it helps to keep infections away from the young ones, it deserves to be repeatedly told even if it irritates some people.  The awareness of its benefits need to be created as widely as possible. Anyway, these people have the choice not to read whatever is written on the subject if they come across such articles.

Article from ‘MailOnline’ on “Breast-feeding”.

The article says six months on the mother’s milk is enough to ward off common infections during infancy. Who want their babies to get sick during their infancy. None, I am sure!

WHO (The World Health Organization) says human milk is the most suitable food for newborn and young infants. It recommends  exclusive breastfeeding for at least the first six months of life .

If new mothers are having two minds on whether to opt for breast-feeding or not , this article should tip the scale to go for it. We all want healthy and happy babies, don’t we?

HaPPy Breast-FEEding!

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