Two small drinks and the risk of falling for old folks!

Scientists in the Netherlands have found old folks become more unsteady and are more likely to fall if they take more than two small drinks. They say the effect of consuming more than this amount of drinks will seriously hamper the ability to successfully avoid sudden obstacles in the travel path.

Read what the scientists have to say:

Read the researched warning here through the courtesy of

Young people if you have old folks with you please read this article, make sure your old folks are also aware of this danger.

Fellow-senior citizens, if you like your drinks make sure you limit the amount you consume. Let us practise some restraint. We all know falling is one thing we, old folks,  should do our best to avoid. Old bones are brittle, we do not want to be bedridden, do we? We do not want to be a burden to our family members, do we?

Please send this article around so that more seniors are aware of the danger of them consuming more alcohol than is good for them.

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