Let’s be grateful for the ‘milk and honey’ in this Hari Raya!

Malaysia is a land of ‘milk and honey’, generally most Malaysians are grateful for this good fortune. But there are a few who are not satisfied with what they have been enjoying. They have grown greedy and want to grab more for themselves. To achieve their selfish aims they resort to stirring up racial sentiments in the hope they can keep the ‘milk and honey’ all to themselves.

Let us hope our Muslims friends will pray for tolerance and good sense to prevail in this blessed country of ours in the mosques throughout the nation today.

For this good life to continue to flourish we Malaysians need to keep a constant mindfulness of keeping the racial unity. This unity, which was Malaysia’s trademark, has been tarnished in recent years. Many self-serving politicians, with evil intent, twist everything into racial terms to stir up racial hatred amongst Malaysians to sustain their own positions.

Let us ignore these political vultures and their covetous cries. Let us allow good sense,  good will and mutual respects prevail in our attitudes to one another. Let us, the common Malaysians show the way to reclaim the prideful ‘trademark’ for Malaysia!


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