Overcome, My Beloved Country!

After having been here in the United Kingdom for the past three months I’m heading home to Malaysia today.

Today is Malaysia’s fifty-third Independence Day. It should, by right, be a day of joy and celebration, a prideful and triumphant moment. But with so much ‘hogwash’ spewed by irresponsible and self-serving politicians, upsetting Malaysians unnecessarily,  the day has turned out to be more a day of trepidation for many Malaysians.

As Malaysians we all love this beloved country of ours, the situation needs not deteriorate to such a stage. There is no reason for such uneasiness, apprehension in a beautiful country where there is more than enough of good things for all to share. The agitation and emotional disturbance present in the minds of many Malaysians today – the National Day – is the result of the evil acts and the provocative words of politicians who harbour ulterior motives.

A few Malaysians are allowed to create this divisiveness, they are really disruptive individuals who need to be severely dealt with but are, instead,  made out to be ‘champions’! One politician has even turned himself into a ‘prophet’ – a prophet of doom!

On this day, my ardent prayer is for all Malaysians to realize that Malaysia is really a land of  ‘milk and honey’. There is plenty to go around for every Malaysian, there is no necessity for envy and jealousy. Let us be always mindful of the blessings bestowed on us.

Let all Malaysians ignore all these useless rhetorics and let us unite and overcome! Let us take good care of this land of ours! We can do it! Do it for the sake of our BELOVED COUNTRY!

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