Cancer – top eight signs of its attack!

Everyone dreads to hear the word ‘cancer’ let alone wanting to know that one is its victim already. Any one can fall victim to it no matter how much we want to avoid it. The ‘Big C’ is no respecter of gender, age or profession (its victims even include those from the medical profession).

Now researchers from Keele University in the UK have identified eight top signs that would indicate that one has contacted cancer. Read the article I’ve taken from the BBC News and get the full picture.

Top 8 Signs of Cancer pinpointed.

Of course these are not the only potential warning signs. With matters of such concern, it’s better to have more information than no information at all. But nothing can beat having a regular check-up, even the researchers say this. Pass this article to as many people as possible, it may help some by having the disease detected early.

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