Chief executive of Googles sounds a warning to young people.

Do you care about your future, if you do then take time to read this article from MailOnline. We all know what we do now bears a consequence in days to come, but ever so often we tend to forget this and do silly things.

This unmindful attitude is carried forth when we do things online. Eric Schmidt, who is the chief executive of Googles, sounds a warning here on why young people should be extremely careful on what they share online. His detractors have their points but still the article , I feel, has its merits and is timely and should be read by all young people who use the Facebook to network.

Eric Schmidt’s article here.

Facebook is a good social networking tool but exercise self control on what you post on it. Don’t let your enthusiasm go wild when you are at it. This, many young and old people tend to do, especially when they are fresh and have just joined Facebook. Don’t believe me just go and read the postings and you’ll see what the article says carries a lot of truth. Surely you don’t want to regret for the rest of your life for the over-enthusiasm you display now on the Facebook. Take this warning to heart and protect your privacy. Don’t jeopardize your job future for a few minutes of unmindful eagerness!

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